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I don’t know about you, but with the many emails, and I mean many, about COVID-19, my anxiety levels started to increase and I dreaded checking my emails because I knew there would be yet another or two or ten emails about COVID-19!

Between the news feed on mainstream media and social media, my anxiety levels increased and I refused to check my emails for my sanity. I call it self-care.

Isolation brings mixed emotions

COVID-19 has brought mixed emotions. It has reminded me of my time in ‘isolation’ when I was in chemo treatment. The difference was I had my support network (family and friends) staying with me and caring for me while I was sick and trying to heal. This time, I am on my own basically. Thankfully, I can go for long walks, which I do, and my training group now has online Zoom sessions, which I also do. Catching up with friends over Zoom or Skype has now become our norm.

COVID-19 also had me concerned for the people in our community with compromised immune systems such as the elderly and people in treatment. I thought about our front-line workers who put themselves out there for our safety, and mate, I am extremely grateful for their tireless work.

Checking in and saying 'hello!'

I just wanted to check in and say a big hello and let you know that although I have been silent, you have been in my thoughts. I hope you also know you can reach out to me any time you need to; through email, social media, or even a phone call. I’m always happy to help you and have a chat.

Also, as you may know, I am a Sponsor and Ambassador for So Brave. Love this charity and they have released a fabulous book called “Letters of Love to our new Breast Friends.” You can buy the book here.

Finally, Aussie Post is still delivering, which means we can still fulfil your orders. I just ask you to be patient, as Aussie Post has been busy with many online package deliveries and new procedures because of COVID-19. So, if you need lingerie to help you feel fabulous while in isolation, you know where to go.

Please stay safe and well and sending you virtual hugs and love.



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