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Posted by Tina Doueihi on

After nearly four years of planning, research, testing and sampling, I am extremely excited to let you know that Red Fern Lingerie has officially launched.

To know Red Fern Lingerie, you need to know my story. I was diagnosed seven years ago (Friday, 18 April 2008) with breast cancer. I remember that day clearly, a day that I will never forget and that changed my life. My cancer was oestrogen positive and my treatment was mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction of the left breast, full axillary clearance and chemotherapy. I am now taking tamoxifen…….joy….NOT.

Prior to diagnosis and treatment, I always loved lingerie and wearing gorgeous sets. I loved the lace, the delicate fabrics, the way that just putting something nice on changed my day and how I felt. So you can only imagine how I felt when I went for a fitting post-surgery and saw the limited styles available. Basically my choice were bras that looked like they belonged on my great great great grandmother, not a 37 year old woman used to wearing beautiful lingerie. I believe it was that moment that planted the seed to do something.

I was unable to understand why lingerie that has a purpose of being functional could not also be pretty, stylish, modern. It was like mastectomy lingerie was a taboo within the lingerie industry - similar to maternity lingerie and full bust lingerie.

From my frustration and wanting to provide a choice to breast cancer survivors I started Red Fern Lingerie. My goal is to create lingerie that is modern, stylish and sexy. My goal is to return the choice to my sister survivors when you (or your loved one) shop for lingerie, the choice we enjoyed before cancer took it away. My goal is to allow my sister survivors to feel like the amazing women they are despite what the disease and treatment took away.

I have poured my heart and soul into bringing you this brand. I hope you love wearing Red Fern Lingerie (I know that I do). We are currently stocked in Colleen’s Post Mastectomy Connection, Canberra and Leila O’Toole, Sydney…..with more boutiques to come. If you are unable to attend the stockists, we also have an online boutique www.redfernlingerie.com

Please feel free to send me an email with your thoughts and feedback.

Love and health

Tina xx

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