Lessons from October

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Pinktober is well and truly over.  The pink ribbons are packed away, news stories have slowed down and the pink events are over until next year.

So what have we learnt from Pinktober? I would say that there were many lessons and yet there is still more to learn.

Thankfully, people are starting to understand that breast cancer is beyond pink.  It is real and nasty.  It cannot be tied up in a pretty pink ribbon.  It is more than a pink a ribbon.  Breast cancer affects real people, their families and their lives. 

The McGrath Foundation recently published survey results indicating that people are still not breast aware.  I am not surprised and I am scared that this is still happening.  I cannot stress enough to be breast aware and learn how to check your breasts and the symptoms to look and feel for.  Awareness is also knowing your family genetic history.  It is knowing that this disease does not discriminate.  For women diagnosed with this disease, awareness is every single day.

We have learnt survival rates have improved in the past two decades and I am extremely fortunate to be one of them.  Unfortunately, not every woman shares my story and I have lost close friends to this disease.  Every day, 42 Australians are diagnosed and 7 Australians die from this horrible disease.  I hate these statistics and the only way to reduce these numbers and save lives is to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for research.

We have learnt that research is our greatest weapon to end breast cancer.  Research is key to improved diagnostics, treatment, prevention and most importantly a cure.  Research is key to saving lives.

We have learnt that breast cancer changes women bodies through surgery and confidence levels are reduced to nil.  We have learnt that confidence is not always a choice.  Yet, there are amazing projects that help women feel confident again.  We are proud to be a sponsor for the So Brave Breast Cancer Calendar.  Young women diagnosed before 40 with breast cancer are beautifully body-painted and photographed before Australian iconic locations.  Money raised from this project is donated towards research.

I chose to sponsor this project for several reasons.  Rachelle, the amazing woman behind this concept was diagnosed at 32.  She understands the challenges young women face with breast cancer, including body confidence.  So Brave concept tied in beautifully with Red Fern Lingerie’s spirit….helping women heal and reclaim the body confidence.

Thank you for supporting me and Red Fern Lingerie.  Without your support, I would not be able to continue the work I do.  Red Fern Lingerie is beyond a mastectomy lingerie brand.  It is about truly helping women feel beautiful again after breast cancer.  It is empowerment through choice.  It is healing through the beauty of lingerie.  Red Fern Lingerie is you, me, and all the women in our lives. 

What brings me tears of joy is helping women reclaim their body confidence through the beauty of lingerie.  Our customer, Leonie J wrote “I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and appearance of the lingerie, it definitely made me feel feminine again!  My search for gorgeous bras has now stopped and I will only buy your brand.  Thank you for helping me reclaim my body confidence.” You can read more testimonials here.

Please feel free to send me an email with your thoughts and feedback and don’t forget to hug the ones you love.

Love and health

Tina xx



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