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Lately, I have been thinking of the sisterhood that comes with breast cancer.  It is one of the positives where there is non-judgmental support and a deep connection with women.  I have met amazing women through my support group and the wonders of social media who I consider my lifelong friends.  The basic reason is these women just get it.  It is as simple as that.

One of the many things I love about the women I am meeting is the change we are bringing to the community from our personal experience. 

I started Red Fern Lingerie from my personal experience and extreme disappointment in mastectomy lingerie.  I felt the lingerie on offer was clinical, functional and belonged on my great great great grandmother.  I wanted more.  I wanted and believed my sister survivors deserve a real choice.  A choice that is style, fashion, colour, fun and sexy.  I am proud that I am leading the change in mastectomy lingerie and bringing it out into the open, into the mainstream.


Hulabelle Swimsuit - love the colour and the modern design!

Mastectomy swimwear is changing.  Dana Dinerman’s story is my story.  A young woman in her 30’s diagnosed with breast cancer.  Dana loves the beach which is a major part of her life.  Dana also experienced the same limitations in mastectomy swimwear.  So what did Dana do?  Dana created Hulabelle, a gorgeous swimwear brand that is fun, fashionable, stylish and also pocketed.  How great is that!


Breast prosthetics is changing.  Julie Brand started Perfect Again after her experience with breast prosthetics.  Nothing on the market fit Julie correctly which also hindered her emotional healing.  Julie created Perfect Again where the breast form is bespoke and made to exactly fit a woman’s unique post-operative chest landscape.   All I can say is WOW!  Another bonus is that the Perfect Again breast form fits perfectly in our lingerie.  Love it!



Seriously love this modern edgy look!

Clothing is changing.  The Alloro Collection concept started on the night of Laurel Kamen’s surgery.  This brand offers a variety of clothing and accessories that are beautiful and exciting with a special focus on women who have experienced breast cancer treatment.

A great book to read for practical tips is One Piece of Advice.  The book is written by Yvonne Hughes and it is full of advice, hints and tips that she collected through her own experience and the experience of other women, their families and healthcare teams.  Great information gathered from the ‘been there, done that’ breast cancer club.

If you need to buy a lingerie set, we are having a fabulous promotion.  When you buy a lingerie set online, we will gift you with a free brief….so you will receive a gorgeous bra and two briefs.  This offer ends 31 July 2016.


More great news!!!! A Personal Touch Boutique are now stocking our brand.  They are a US boutique based in Huntington Station, NY and La Mesa, CA. Further details here.


Please feel free to send me an email with your thoughts and feedback and don’t forget to hug the ones you love.

Love & Health

Tina xx



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