50 Shade of Pink. Women of Breast Influence - Yvette Luciano

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This month I introduce you to the light-filled beautiful woman, Yvette Luciano who became a soulful entrepreneur after her experience with breast cancer.
I met Yvette when we were both training to become Ambassadors for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Since our meeting, Yvette’s personal journey led her to become a Holistic Business Coach, Author, Speaker and Creator of Soulpreneurs® and Earth Events.
Yvette is a Proud Ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Coach, dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and supporter of Animals Australia.
I asked Yvette what her shade of pink was and she replied “My shade of pink would be rose quartz. May seem subtle but has supernatural healing powers.” That is definitely Yvette, subtle yet working towards helping others heal.

Yvette’s website is www.yvetteluciano.com and you can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.
This is Yvette’s story.
From teenage rocker to soulful entrepreneur.  From anxiety and depression to peace and joy.  From cancer to thriver.  From backstage to on-stage.
In the mid 90’s, my teenage life changed within about 10 seconds of discovering the riot grrl movement. The next morning, I picked up my brother’s guitar and felt ALIVE.

By 20, I had moved into ‘the big smoke’ of inner city Sydney, promoting and playing gigs with my band and working at the legendary music Studios 301.

A few months before I turned 25 I met the love of my life, Isac.  I was also offered the job of my dreams at Sony Music.  Worked with many of my favourite artists and musical heroes, with a vision to start my own music touring and management company.

In 2010, a couple months before my 30th, Isac and I had our Rockstar dream wedding, then discovered a lump in my breast on our honeymoon.  Turned out to be aggressive breast cancer.  Career, babies and 30th birthday party put on hold to start intensive cancer treatments.

After a year-long cocktail of chemo, wheatgrass, radiation, meditation, surgery and angel cards, I was FREE (at least for six month increments between check-ups) and we flew away to Sunny Queensland.  Isac and I have lived here ever since.

I binged studies almost everything in the holistic health world; from nutrition to health coaching to yoga teaching to energy healing.  Started a blog and loved health/life coaching.

Not long after, realised that I wanted to help more people on a larger scale.  Heard the Earth Events whisper.  Started helping health bloggers I loved with building their audience and platform.

Realised I could combine all the PR, marketing, content creation, community nurturing and health coaching by creating Earth HQ in 2013.  It was super hard work, but the best decision of my life.

Worked with many of my favourite teachers and speakers such as Gabrielle Bernstein, Food Matters, Gala Darling, Pete Evans, Wes Carr, Sarah Wilder, Charlotte Carr and my angel, Jess Ainscough.

After almost 4 years of helping the leaders of the wellbeing industry, I became frustrated with not being able to help all the amazing people who ask for my help with their PR, marketing, events, book releases and platforms.

Had an idea to start a group training program, thinking I could teach 20 people at a time.  Crazy to think we now have almost 400 graduates around the world.

Currently writing a book about it all!

Which brings us to this moment, here, today.

After my first business, Earth HQ became a million-dollar success (from scratch!).  I shifted gears in 2016 to follow my soul’s call.

To lead and support other soulful entrepreneurs to do the same.Combining my first-hand business experiences with 15+ years as a music manager, publicist, event producer, marketing gal and talent agent.
I recently packed up the fancy offices, downsized to a lean dream team, and stripped back to doing what I love.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Most of my days now are spent writing, playing with my dogs and being a professional cheerleader to both Soulpreneurs® and Cancer Thrivers.
Do I miss the fancy offices, recording studios or backstage arenas?  No way.
I’m so thankful to have found my home.  Here with my feet in the sand, sun on skin and an abundance of inspiring people in my tribe.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.



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