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I love helping people and love helping women feel beautiful again after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The absolutely gorgeous Shella connected with me a few years back and volunteered to be a model.  I loved how she was willing to do this to help me.  Unfortunately, at that time, the photoshoots were in Sydney and she was in Brisbane.

Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity with Nicole from Nicole Barralet photography – – to photograph our lingerie.  During our conversation, I shared with Nicole my story and Red Fern Lingerie and how one of my core values for the brand is to always have women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer as models.  Nicole understood this and loved it, loved the realness and authenticity.  Nicole asked me if I knew anyone in Brisbane and I instantly thought of Shella.

Shella has been a wonderful supporter of me and Red Fern Lingerie.  One day, she sent me a private message via Instagram.  I won’t go into the details, but essentially, she thanked me for inspiring her.  The honest truth is her message helped me as I was going through a tough time.  It is women like Shella who inspire me and keep me going, especially during my down days.

I contacted Shella and asked her if she would like to participate in the photoshoot and she instantly said yes.  It was like the Universe knew one day it will come together and Shella would model for Red Fern Lingerie and it did.

Shella shares her experience below.  We think she looks absolutely gorgeous.


Tina xx



This is Shella’s story


When I received the text message from Tina (Red Fern Lingerie), I was at Wesley Hospital doing my annual check-up with my oncologist. I was sitting in the café still waiting for my appointment, I read the text and knew it straight away that it was something that I always wanted to do after my diagnosis 6 years ago. 


Cancer has changed my views with my life and body image.  I get to revaluate what are the most important things in my life other than new clothes, shoes or what are on sale that week.  It is more about families, connections, giving back, the balance of physical and mental health.


The last year has been very challenging for me…after passed the 5 years mark, my oncologist told me that I don’t have to see him again unless I have any concern. 

How am I to make sure if everything is ok after this?  Those appointments are much more than checking the blood results. It was a confirmation that after everything that have been happening in a year, I am still ok and I am doing everything I can to have a normal life.  To hear those words, “Shella you are fabulous!!” It was my security blanket.

I have gained more than 10 kg after the treatments and obviously this has been really hard to adjust.  I am not worry about my weight but more on accepting my body after the mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. 


This photoshoot has given me an opportunity to try to accept my new body and trying to move on with my life. 


To be happier with myself, to be able to accept the fact that I am different than I used to be, I am more open minded, happier and my family are a lot closer and I have an amazing relationship with my husband & my daughter.  I can accept myself and I am ready to embrace the new me, the Red Fern Lingerie photoshoot has given me that opportunity to express myself.






Red Fern Lingerie has quite a collection of delicate, comfortable and pretty underwear for ladies who suffered from breast cancer.  I find it very challenging to find underwear that offer comfort and stylish at the same time.  Tina has given me a few collections of the bra and panties set for the photoshoot and I love the different styles and colours.





When I arrived at the photoshoot, I had a bit of chat with Nicole who is very talented and an amazing person to work with.  Nicole handed me the bras and panties to wear, I felt very feminine and beautiful.  I am very impressed with the quality of the material and it was very comfortable to wear. 

I am beautiful and healthy

The whole experience on the photoshoot was quite surreal, but I know this is my turning point to show myself that I am beautiful and I am healthy and I went through so much to be where I am today.  I want to empower other ladies to appreciate their body, to be healthy and to accept who they are.  Nothing is difficult when you have the support of your family, friends and loved ones.  We can achieve anything if we believe in it.

Thank you, Tina & Nicole, for such a beautiful experience and I absolutely love the photos!


xx Shella

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