50 Shades of Pink - Women of Breast Influence

Posted by Tina Doueihi on

Anyone who knows me, knows that I come up with some big crazy ideas and that I like to challenge myself. Sexy mastectomy bras anyone?

Last year I wrote about the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer and the amazing women we have in the breast cancer community. This year, I hand the blog to my soul sisters and ask them to share their personal story with breast cancer and how their experience has led them to make a change. You will be WOW’d by each and every woman. I know I was.

I called this blog series 50 Shades of Pink. Women of Breast Influence. Although we are all painted by the breast cancer brush, we are all different and have different experiences and outcomes. This is their story and their shade of pink.

I hope you enjoy reading their stories and are inspired by their raw honesty, strength and determination to make a change in some way.  I know I was.

Love & Health
Tina xx


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